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Users want to convert images to PDF to save up more memory space in their computer or electronic devices. Converting image to PDF is very easy since Bitwar PDF Converter provides a lot of useful tools for PDF conversion. Users can use the software to convert their pictures to PDF by preserving the image quality and with smaller file sizes.

Besides, the software supports batch conversion, and it allows users to be more efficient and faster when converting their pictures. The tutorial below will show you the steps to convert Image to PDF by using the software easily!

Steps to  Convert Image to PDF

Step 1. Please download and install Bitwar PDF Converter from the homepage for FREE.

Install Now

Step 2. Launch the software after the installation. Choose Convert to PDF and Image to PDF.

Image to PDF

Step 3. Then, click Add Image to add in the images that you want to convert into the software. After adding the photos, you can sort the image files according to the composition you wish to when they are converted to PDF.

Sort Picture

Step 4. Next, click Convert to start the conversion and wait for a moment. The conversion will take a few seconds only.

Convert Image to PDF

Step 5. When the conversion is complete, you can open and view the PDF files by clicking Open Files.

Open Files

You can check the quality and the composition of the PDF files. If the design of the image is wrong, you can delete the current converted file and sort the arrangement of the pictures and re-convert again. We hope the tutorial above can help you to learn more about the features of Bitwar PDF Converter.

If you encountered any problems or difficulties, kindly contact our online customer service, we will give you our best supports to solve your problems!

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