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How to Split or Rotate PDF File?



We all know that all PDF files are read mode only and are unable to edit the content. Bitwar PDF Converter has provided a lot of useful tools for users to explore! One of the tools is to allow users to split and rotate their PDF files. You can decide to split the pages or rotate the view of the content in the software.

Just follow the instruction below, and you can split and rotate your PDF file easily!

Steps to Split or Rotate PDF File

Remember to download Bitwar PDF Converter from the official homepage and install it on your computer before continuing with the tutorial.


Step 1. Launch the software. At the main interface, choose “Split/Rotate PDF” tool from the “Other PDF Tools” menu and click “Add PDF Files” to insert the PDF Files into the PDF Converter.

Add File Split PDF

Step 2. Choose the page you want to split and drag your mouse to the side of the page and click the “Scissors” icon.

Split PDF

Step 3. Put your mouse on the PDF page, and you can choose the rotation direction on the page.

Rotate PDF

Step 4. After finish editing, all the settings, click “Convert” to start the conversion and click “Open Path” to preview the new PDF files.

Open Path Split PDF

The split and rotate tools are handy. We hope you can edit your PDF successfully by following the instructions above. If you encountered any problems throughout the process, please give us feedback or contact our customer service for help. We are pleased to help you with your difficulties!

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